Cannabis for sale in Malta 🍃

Cannabis, Smoke, Weed, Marijuana - It goes by many names, but can adults legally buy and smoke Cannabis in Malta?

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Cannabis Club Sign in MaltaCannabis Club Sign in Malta

Grow Shops & Reggae Bars 🌱

Another possibility is to explore one of the numerous newly established cannabis grow shops in Malta. These establishments typically offer marijuana cultivation supplies such as grow lights, tents, and other related equipment. It's worth noting that the staff members behind the counter often have extensive connections with various cannabis growers, which could potentially provide you with the desired connection as a tourist. However, the drawback is that you may encounter exorbitant and unjust prices, typically ranging from €20 to €25 per gram of cannabis buds.

Reggae bars are also infamous for selling cannabis, but you may encounter similar issues of inflated pricing and the risk of receiving CBD-dominant weed (without THC), leading to potential exploitation.

What about Cannabis Clubs in Malta?

The short answer for tourist is to completely forget the 'Legal Cannabis Clubs'. As explained earlier all the clubs growing Marijuana locally are only allowed to sell Cannabis to Maltese residents. It is unfortunately impossible for tourists to purchase from such establishments.

Overview of Malta 🌊

Malta, a captivating Mediterranean gem, entices tourists with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Beyond its picturesque beaches and ancient landmarks, Malta's appeal extends to its liberal policies, including a legal drinking age of 17+, attracting young travelers seeking affordable and accessible alcohol. Additionally, Malta's allure is amplified by the recent legalization of cannabis, further enticing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy legal cannabis in a scenic and welcoming environment. With its warm climate, friendly locals, and diverse attractions, Malta promises an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking both relaxation and excitement. However it is important to understand the legal situation concerning Cannabis to avoid falling victim to any scams or worse, getting arrested!

Where can tourists buy Cannabis in Malta?

Despite the legalization of cannabis in Malta since 2021, lawmakers have imposed significant hurdles for foreigners to access the herb by restricting memberships to licensed Cannabis organizations solely to Maltese residents. Consequently, tourists and other non-residents face discrimination and are unable to join the legal cannabis clubs established in Malta even if of legal age. As a result, they must seek alternative less ideal options, which we will explore further in this discussion;

The Black Market (St. Julians Cannabis, Sliema Cannabis, Dealers etc..)

The initial option we will discuss involves the illicit pursuit of sourcing THC cannabis in Malta as a tourist. While it may appear to be a straightforward endeavor, it is crucial to recognize that Malta unfortunately harbors unscrupulous individuals. Consequently, the likelihood of obtaining high-quality, uncontaminated THC cannabis is greatly diminished, particularly if one pursues this endeavor in densely populated areas such as St. Julians, Sliema, Imsida, St. Paul's Bay, Valletta, or other heavily touristic regions. For a comprehensive list of common scams to be vigilant of, please refer to the link provided below ⬇️

THC-Mix Cannabis: Your best option in Malta 🔥

Despite the aforementioned options for purchasing cannabis illegally, we strongly advise against it due to the significant risk of being scammed or facing legal consequences. The optimal choice is to seek out a reputable supplier of cannabinoid products, such as our store, and explore the array of legal alternatives available.

To meet the robust demand for cannabis and address this market need, Aromatic Buds have partnered with numerous industry leading experts to provide a selection of high-quality, barely legal cannabinoid products that offer a STRONG experience comparable to high-THC cannabis hash and flower.

Introducing the 'THC-Mix' brand line, we take pride in bringing this selection to the Maltese market, providing non-residents and tourists with a legal option to enjoy cannabinoid products and enhance their stay on the island. The Cannabis menu includes: Cannabis Hash, Extracts, Vape Concentrates & more...

However, for individuals requiring cannabis for medical purposes, Malta does have a medical cannabis prescription program. Patients with a valid prescription can obtain medical cannabis from licensed pharmacies, though the process may pose challenges, particularly for prescriptions not originating from an EU country.

Cannabis Shop in Malta handing out weedCannabis Shop in Malta handing out weed

'Follow the Smell' 😂

While not endorsed officially, this approach may represent the most viable option for procuring cannabis from the streets. Despite the prohibition on smoking the herb in public spaces in Malta, this regulation is often overlooked or not enforced, leading to numerous individuals openly smoking in public areas. Requesting cannabis from street smokers may pose many challenges, but if offered, there is a degree of assurance regarding its cleanliness, as the seller is presumably content with the quality to consume it themselves. However, it's advisable not to rely solely on this method, as a more reliable approach will be discussed below.

Conclusion & Some Advice

While you may have encountered sensational headlines depicting Malta as a cannabis haven in Europe where one can indulge freely, the truth diverges significantly from the media's portrayal. Despite the legality of cannabis, numerous legal obstacles must be navigated to provide the diverse selection we offer. When considering a cannabis tourism destination, there are undoubtedly more preferable alternatives to Malta.

That being said, Aromatic Buds remains committed to providing potent, high-quality cannabinoid products as a legal substitute for high-THC cannabis, ensuring that tourists and non-residents alike have an exceptional experience on the island as well!

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