Drop Shipping📦

No-Investment Money Making

Earn Money with Drop Shipping ✈️

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is when you place our items for sale online through any means you like whether through your website, online marketplaces or social media platforms. When you sell a product, we will ship it straight to your customer on behalf of your business. The difference between the price we provide you and the retail price your customers pay on your website will dictate your profit.

We offer uniquely advantageous drop shipping contracts allowing the re-seller to benefit from a greater profit margin.

How does Drop Shipping Work?

The drop shipping model is relatively simple. It consists of the following steps:

  • A customer places an order through your online website/social media platform.

  • You receive the order and forward it to us along with the respective payment.

  • We will package and send the products in the order directly to the customer on behalf of your business.

  • The customer receives the products ordered.

  • The price we provide you will be less than the price you sell the product at. This price difference will dictate the amount of profit you earn.

This is a completely 100% risk-free way of earning money with us!

Why Drop Ship?

Drop Shipping allows you to go immediately into business without having to deal with many upfront expenses such as buying stock, renting a warehouse, packaging & labelling expenses, logistic contracts etc...

You can put all your focus to market & sell the products, we will take care of everything else

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