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What is HHC?

HHC is a strong Cannabis derived cannabinoid which is said to be around 75% as strong as regular THC.
This naturally derived cannabinoid has been unknowingly used by humans for hundreds of years since it is found in small quantities in the Cannabis plant.
HHC is available at high concentrations in all our CANNA-HIGH branded products and is ideal for people who find CBD too weak and are looking for a stronger experience.

HHC is a balanced middle between THC and CBD, Although stronger than CBD/CBG, it is still not as potent as high THC products. A stronger product line identical in potency to THC now exists, which is 'THC-MIX'.

HHC in Malta
HHC in Malta
cbg in malta
cbg in malta
What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant which is known to produce a mild relaxing sensation amongst other benefits.
In regions where CBD is legal for use it is popular for easing symptoms of many common issues including combating anxiety, depression, acne, heart disease, reducing inflammation, chronic pain and insomnia (sleeplessness).

We proudly stock the finest quality CBD Hash, Flowers, Moon Rocks, Ice Rocks, Oil and more!

What products will you have in the future?

We spend a large amount of effort and finance searching for other exciting products that we're sure will be appreciated and loved by our customers. The cannabinoid market and Cannabis extracts industry is developing by the day, and we're thrilled for what the future
has to offer 🤩.

We are continuously expanding our product selection and want to make sure you can find everything you need in one place at the best possible price 💵.

If you are looking for an item not yet listed on our website, just let us know and we will try our best to quickly stock your desired item through our intensive international network of manufacturers and suppliers 🌐.

What is CBG?

CBG is very similar to CBD but possess slightly different characteristics making it better suited for some people. It comes down to personal preference and many might argue which cannabinoid is superior, but you have to test them both to understand their difference.
In regions where CBG is legal for use it is popular for its anti-cancerous potential, antibacterial properties, strong antioxidant activity and its beneficial impact on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Glaucoma.

Cannabinoids in malta
Cannabinoids in malta

Product Selection🌿

Cannabinoids Explained: CBD, HHC, CBG, THC-MIX...

The Cannabis plant is blessed with so many different cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid produces a specific experience.
We stock products with a variety of different cannabinoids and terpene profiles and are continuously working to expand our already wide selection to cater to all demands.

Aromatic Buds offer customers the biggest choice of cannabinoid products in Malta.

More information about each specific cannabinoid below ⬇️

Aromatic buds malta
Aromatic buds malta
Cannabis in malta
Cannabis in malta
What is THC-MIX?

THC-MIX products include a selection of top quality high potency cannabinoid products. THC-MIX refers to the combination of cannabinoids present in the products. This mix contains legal cannabinoids that precisely replicate high THC products.
Unlike HHC, THC-MIX products don't just contain 1 individual cannabinoid but rather A mixture of complementary ingredients in exact proportions to create a strong and complete redolence experience for the user.
THC-MIX is much stronger than HHC/CBD and is guaranteed to give the user a complete and fulfilling experience.
The exact cannabinoid proportions that make up THC-MIX are not publicly available to avoid competitors from copying the hard earned formula used by our supplier.

This product line was formulated by Cannabis experts abroad to satisfy the demand of customers looking for high THC strong products. We are proud to say that after long months of work we now have a solid partnership with a certified supplier offering top notch products for our beloved customers.

Our THC-MIX Products are indistinguishable from regular high THC products. This is a level of potency and quality we're very happy to be able to offer!

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Best cannabis buds malta
Best cannabis buds malta
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