Where to Buy Cannabis in Malta: A Guide to Cannabis Clubs and Shops 🌿

Where to find Cannabis for sale in Malta: Looking into the legalities of Cannabis clubs and Cannabis shops.

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Cannabis next to a dry herb vaporiser in MaltaCannabis next to a dry herb vaporiser in Malta

So how do you legally buy Cannabis in Malta?

Very high THC products with content over 2000ppm (parts per million) can never be retailed legally. These products will only be available to Maltese residents after a cumbersome legal registration process. On the other hand products falling under the legal definition 'cannabinoid products' can be openly sold from shops or through E-commerce Cannabis stores like 'Aromatic Buds Cannabis Shop' to all adults 18+ including tourists.
These cannabinoid products can include a selection of Cannabis flower, Cannabis hashish, Cannabis Moon Rocks, Cannabis Vapes, Cannabis Rosin etc.. with varying levels of other strong cannabinoids. The cannabinoid content present in the products dictate the experience achieved.
Usually CBD and CBG products offer a relaxing experience while HHC or THC-Mix products offer a very potent Cannabis experience which is indistinguishable from regular 20-25% THC Cannabis.
Our THC-Mix product range is the current closest legal alternative to regular high THC products, the same as usually found in Spanish or Dutch coffee shops/Cannabis clubs. The potency and overall quality of THC-Mix is truly top shelf.

Where to find Cannabis Clubs in Malta?

Cannabis Clubs exist, but the frame work is completely different than the traditional Cannabis clubs that exist in Spain or Amsterdam. Clubs in Malta are only allowed to sell Cannabis to their officially registered members and DO NOT offer a place to meet and enjoy the smoke in a social environment. This is a real pity but unfortunately the legislation was passed in a way to prevent socializing, also limiting the Cannabis consumer to strictly use the herb within his personal property.

This non-social approach have been criticized by many, but up until today no changes have been made to allow a friendlier Cannabis community similar to other countries. The legal representing body is ARUC, which issues licenses to Cannabis Clubs and ties stringent regulations to the club management and members to make sure all regulations are followed.

It's important to note that these official clubs are not allowed to sell to tourists and thus are no viable option for non-Maltese residents. This exclusion interferes with what we believe in, free choice for all adults irrespective of their nationality. Unfortunately passing this regulation allows the Cannabis black market to fill the gap and makes Cannabis scams for tourists even more common.
It will sound a bit cliche considering the conflict of interest at play, but the best approach as a tourist would be to purchase from our official website and know what you're buying. Luckily we offer Cannabis products which satisfy the need of even the most Veteran Cannabis users.

Ultimately, while Malta may not currently have an optimal legal framework for recreational cannabis, the country is continuously taking steps towards a more progressive approach. As the global attitude towards cannabis continues to evolve, it's possible that Malta's stance on cannabis may dramatically change in the future!

Malta, a beautiful island nation in the Mediterranean, has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists and expats alike. With its stunning landscapes and vibrant night life, it's no wonder that some visitors may be curious about the availability and legality of cannabis in Malta. Luckily for everybody, the Cannabis situation in Malta have improved a lot during the years and is not more accepting than ever. You'll surely find what you're looking for if you follow the simple information below!

Is Cannabis Legal in Malta?

The recreational use of cannabis is completely legal for adults 18 years and over. However, purchasing Cannabis still proves to be a challenge because of the present restrictions set in place by authorities which prohibit the open sale of Cannabis. The black market Cannabis trade is still strongly prevalent, and although you might think you're getting a good deal on the street, it is never a wise idea nor safe to purchase anything from the unregulated black market. Scams relating to the sale of Cannabis are quite common and usually are targeted towards visiting tourists. Therefore we strongly advise against trying to source Cannabis illegally ESPECIALLY as a tourist. For a full list of common scams to watch out for visit the link below ⬇️

Where are the Cannabis Shops in Malta?

Due to the stringent legal restrictions on recreational cannabis, and the registration process set in place by the ARUC, there are no official shops/ clubs that will sell high D9-THC Cannabis products. The best option is to find a reputable supplier of cannabinoid products (Just like our store) and cruise through the selection of cannabinoids offered.
To cater to the strong Cannabis demand and fill this market gap, Aromatic Buds partnered with an international industry leading corporate and offer a selection of high quality barely legal cannabinoid products which offer the exact same experience as high THC Cannabis hash and flower.
You can take a look at this succeeding brand line 'THC-Mix'. We are very proud to bring this selection to the Maltese market and offer adults and tourists a legal option to enjoy cannabinoid products and make their stay on the island even more pleasurable!

On the other hand for those who require cannabis for medical purposes, Malta does have a medical cannabis program. Patients with a valid prescription can obtain medical cannabis from licensed pharmacies or through authorized channels. However, it's not that easy to purchase either, especially if your prescription does not originate from an EU country.